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Family Albums (Australia): Bell Family  Howatson Family  Armstrong Family  Calvert Family  Carstairs /Russell Family

Family Albums (Scotland)


Bell Family in Australia
"Big John" Bell b 1821 Middlebie, Dumfries, son of Lewis Bell Emily Chirnside (Mrs. John Bell) m 1862 John Bell b 1855 The Bush, Dumfries, son of George Bell Clara Bell, daughter of James Bell b 1866 Geelong Lewis Bell of Alma, b 1853 Round Bush, Dumfries, son of George Bell.
"Click" Bell at Alma, Hay
Before 1915
 AAT Bell (Click) b 1884 Alma, son of Lewis Bell Georgina Bell  
Annie Bell b 1888, Alma, daughter of Lewis Bell Gladys Bell b 1889, The Leigh, Victoria, daughter of John Bell Agnes Bell with James Marius and Helen Bell. About 1907 at Alma, Hay Lewis Bell with daughter Bessie Armstrong Bell, b 1884, Alma. Mary Ann Bell with son Alexander Armstrong Thomson Bell (Click) b 1884, Alma
George Bell b 1882, Warrambeen, son of Lewis Bell George Bell b 1882 Warrambeen, and Annie Bell b 1888 Alma George and Anne Bell at Burnswark, Melbourne. Probably 1914/1915
George Bell b 1882 Jean Bell, b 1891 Warrambeen, daughter of Lewis Bell
Lewis Bell b 1853, Roundbush, Dumfries, at Alma Sheepyards, and with dog.
Lewis Bell with dogs at Alma Lewis Bell with sheep at Alma Mary Ann Bell (Mrs. Lewis Bell)
Mary Ann Bell (Granny Bell) with granddaughters Connie Foxton (b 1921) and Isobel Anne Bell (b 1927). Probably taken at Murrnong, NSW
Austin car from Murrnong      
Howatson Family in Victoria
Mrs. James Howatson and Mrs. Margaretta Orchard (nee Bell) b1868, The Broats, Dumfries. Photo at Mt. Derrimut, Victoria, while visiting Australia.
Mt. Derrimut Alexander (Sandy) Howatson, b 1879, Victoria) Photo at Mt. Derrimut Sandy Howatson b 1879, Victoria at Mt. Derrimut  
Armstrong Family in Victoria
Mary Ann Bell (nee Armstrong) b 1861, The Leigh Victoria, daughter of Alexander Armstrong
Armstrong girls - including Mary Ann b 1861 and Jean Sutherland b 1863 Mrs. Donald Sutherland (nee Armstrong), probably at Mt. Derrimut (a Howatson property) "Killearnan" North Brighton, Melbourne home of Mrs. Betsy Armstrong Warrambeen, Victoria, home of Alexander Armstrong
Sutherland Armstrong b 1876 The Leigh, Victoria. Photo at Hay North. Sutherland Armstrong's house at Hay North      
Calvert Family in Victoria
Morongo - Home of John Calvert, then and now.      
Carstairs and Russell Families in Victoria
Euphemia Leslie Carstairs (Mrs. George Russell) b.1829 Abbotshall, Fife, d. Golf Hill Victoria George Russell and Family Golf Hill, Victoria Marianne Carstairs (Mrs. John Drysdale) Robina Carstairs (Mrs Robert Lewis Bell) b 1833 Abbotshall, Fife.