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Newspaper clippings regarding Lewis Bell of Booligal, NSW.......

From the Coursing Pages - uncertain date, probably after 1910

Mr. Lewis Bell, owner of Birkdale, is one of the oldest supporters of coursing now in Australia. I  first had the pleasure of meeting him on the Burnside estate, near Leigh road, in 1873, when he was assisting at a meeting of the old Grant and Polwarth Coursing Club, at which his uncle, Mr. James Bell, of Woolbrook, ran a red and white dog named Lord Raglan. He was then just out from Scotland. Mr. Bell is a born courser, a keen judge of a dog, and dearly loves watching a well-contested trial. He never bets, and follows the sport for the pure love of the game. He, unfortunately, was away on one of his stations in New South Wales, and missed seeing his puppy so meritoriously pull off the St. Leger. I noticed in the press reports recently that he judged the opening meeting of the Hay Enclosure Club. This was quite a new role in which to find our old coursing friend, but I am sure none could be found more competent, and, considering his age, it was a wonderful performance.

Obituary from unknown paper, 1926 or early 1927

Death of Mr. Lewis Bell

Old time followers of the sport in Victoria will regret to learn of the death of Mr. Lewis Bell, which took place at his home, Murrnong Station, NSW, on December 27. Mr. Bell, who hailed form the borders of Scotland, where his father, uncles and brother were well known in the sport, was a born courser. As a lad in 1873 he made his first appearance in Victoria at a meeting of the old Grant and Polwarth coursing Club, near Geelong, where he had charge of his uncle’s greyhound, Lord Raglan, who won the event. Mr. Bell always bred a few dogs at his stations at Booligal and other places. A few years ago he raised many flags with the bitch Alma Bell, and he won the Victorian St. Leger  with Birkdale in 1922.  Mr Bell was a first class judge of a greyhound, and took great pleasure in watching a well contested course, and strange to say, though a man of means, he was never known to bet. 

The sympathy of all coursers throughout the state is extended to the deceased gentleman’s wife and family.