Diary of Lewis Bell 1872
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These notes are titled "NOTES COPIED FROM MY FATHER'S NOTE BOOK" - presumably typed for  Dr.  George Bell (oldest son of Lewis Bell).       

Lewis Bell was 19 years old at the time, and  newly arrived in Australia.

27 Dec 1872 Sailed from Melbourne to Launceston at 10.00am. All sea sick.
28 Dec 1872 Arrived at Launceston 11.30am. Went to the Brisbane Hotel. Drove to village after Leonards in the afternoon. Thunderstorms, had to take shelter at Waterloo --- Harris Hotel
29 Dec 1872 Sunday went to church in forenoon, St. Johns.   Rev. Canon Brownrigg officiated - sermon from Isaiah "Open the eyes of the Blind and ears of the Dumb"
30 Dec 1872 Walked to the Cataracts on the forenoon on the South Esk.  Drove to Cora Linn in the afternoon beautiful place 7 miles from Launceston.
31 Dec 1872 Breakfast at 7.00am. and went by rail to Longford, drove all over the Archers estate, Woolmers Panshanger and others. The finest farming country possible, thorn hedge 30 feet high. At half past one went by rail to Deloraine, pretty place 45 miles from Launceston on the Meander. returned in the evening all very tired.
1 Jan 1873 Launceston Races
2 Jan 1873 Started from Launceston to Campbelltown 11.30am. Lunched at Snake Banks, got to Campbelltown at 6.30pm. 
3 Jan 1873 Started from Campbelltown at 10.00am., and got to Melton Mowbray 6.00pm.
4 Jan 1873 Started from Melton Mowbray to Hobart Town got there at 2.00pm. - very hot.
5 Jan 1873 Sunday, went to St. David Church, Rev. H. Cox, text from Corinthians:- "all old things are passed away, behold all things become new". 
6 Jan 1873 In afternoon drove to Brown River, 10 miles from town, got back at 6.30pm. Walked along the beach, windy and rather colder than usual.
7 Jan 1873 Cold day - had a walk to the Barracks in forenoon. Saw steamer Southern Cross. drove round Domain. Saw Capt. Bell's grave in Old Cemetery. Saw children at orphan school. Came back by way of new railway. (Making)
8 Jan 1873 Beautiful day. went to Richmond by way of Risdon Ferry. walked a long way up to Grass Tree Hill. got back to the Hotel at 5.30pm.
9 Jan 1873 Walked to the Gardens went to New Norfolk by way of Bridgewater.  Stayed at Allwrig Hotel.
10 Jan 1873 Went from New Norfolk to Salmon Ponds in the forenoon.  Returned to Hobart Town in evening.
11 Jan 1873 Find day - went over to Kangaroo Point in forenoon. Went to fern tree gully in afternoon. Evening a large picnic under the Fern Tree. Cooks  Monument.
12 Jan 1873 Sunday St. David Church. Isaiah 60. Walked to the beach in the evening.
13 , 14 Jan 1873 Went to the Huon and came back about 24 miles from Hobart Town, a very pretty place. Had a long walk up the hill coming back. went and saw the barracks. Mr. Meredith showed us all over them. Fine day today, yesterday very cold as we went on our way to the Huon.
15 Jan 1873 Went to the top of Wellington - and ride to the Springs.  Fine day.
16 Jan 1873 Met Mrs. Crowther. Lunched with us and Mr. Timms.
17 Jan 1873 Started from Hobart Town at five (5) this morning for Campbelltown.
18 Jan 1873 From Campbelltown to Falmouth.
19 Jan 1873 Sunday all day at Falmouth.
20 Jan 1873 From Falmouth to Fingal.
21 Jan 1873 From Fingal to Launceston by Smiths Coach.