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Descendants of Alexander Thomson

26 June 2005

This Thomson Family Tree shows relationships between the Thomsons and Armstrongs, both families from the Kildonan area of Sutherlandshire.

Two of Alexander Thomson's (b1780-1800) children married Armstrong siblings.

  • daughter Barbara married Alexander Armstrong (lived at Warrambeen, Victoria)
  • son James married Christina Armstrong (lived at Hamilton Victoria)

Betsy Armstrong's (Alexander Armstrong's second wife) first husband was also a Thomson from the same area.

Alexander THOMSON (b.1780/1800-Kildonan / Clyne? Sutherlandshire, Scotland)
sp: Margaret MACBEATH (b.1790/1800-Kildonan / Clyne? Sutherlandshire, Scotland)
|Elizabeth THOMSON (b.24 Feb 1820-Kildonan Sutherlandshire, Scotland)
|Barbara THOMSON (b.22 Apr 1821-Kildonan,Sutherlandshire, m.23 Nov 1851 d.3 Oct 1853-Warrambeen,Victoria)
|sp: Alexander ARMSTRONG (b.25 May 1823-Kildonan,Sutherlandshire,Scotland  d.12 Jan 1890-Warrambeen,Victoria)
|James THOMSON (b.22 Mar 1823-Clyne?,Sutherlandshire,Scotland d.1910-Hamilton,Victoria)
|sp: Christina ARMSTRONG (b.1831-Kildonan,Sutherlandshire,Scotland m.1852 d.1906-Hamilton,Victoria)
|     |Unnamed THOMSON (b.1853-The Leigh, Victoria)
|     |Margaret THOMSON (b.1858-Monivae / Harrow, Victoria d.29 Dec 1932-"Kilora" Hamilton, Victoria)
|     |sp: Thomas Haliburton LAIDLAW (b.3 Dec 1862-'Fawsley', Merri Creek, Victoria m.3 Oct 1888)
|     |Mary THOMSON (b.1860-Apsley (near Edenhope), Victoria)
|     |Alexander William THOMSON (b.1864-Harrow (near Edenhope), Victoria)
|     |George Daniel THOMSON (b.1871-Hamilton,Victoria)
|     |James Thomas THOMSON (b.1871-Hamilton,Victoria)
|     |Wilhelmina THOMSON (b.1873-Hamilton,Victoria)
|     |William Armstrong THOMSON (b.1876-Hamilton,Victoria)
|William THOMSON (b.6 Dec 1825-Clyne? Sutherlandshire, Scotland)
|Donald THOMSON (b.28 Aug 1827-Clyne? Sutherlandshire, Scotland)
|John THOMSON (b.2 Sep 1833-Clyne?Sutherlandshire,Scotland)
|Alexander THOMSON (b.4 Nov 1835-Clyne? Sutherlandshire, Scotland)