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Middlebie Sketch Old Annan Map Dumfriesshire Map Scotland Map

Several old maps of areas in Dumfriesshire can be found on the web.

Middlebie Sketch 1926 by a Bell Family Member   Click on image for a large versionThe map (at left) from 1926, was drawn by a Bell Family member.



Old Annan Map   Click on image for a large versionAt left is an older map of Annan. When enlarged, one sees the townships  of Todholes, Dornock, Annan, The Broats - birthplaces of the Bells in the 1800's.

Crawford's Map of Dumfriesshire


At right is an extremely detailed map.  In the lower half of the map,  family placenames including The Broats, The Flosh, Dornock, Calvertsholm, and in the centre Middlebie, and to the northwest Burnswark can be found.

An extract states that Middlebie in 1837 "is a village in the parish of its name, situated on the road between Langholm and Ecclefechan, twelve miles from the former, and two from the later place.  The parish, which is about seven miles in length by four in breadth, abounds in red freestone, and is valuable for its lime quarries; but much of the land is of poor quality.   Population in 1831, was 2107 persons.    Gentry, Clergy and Tradesmen in 1837 were as follows:-  John Blacklock Esq (of Albie), Jno Holliday Esq (of Nether Albie), John Irving Esq (of Middlebie), William Murray Esq (of Kirtleton), Reverend Richard Nivison (The Manse).   Tradesmen:-   James Barton, John Irving (Blacksmiths), John Dixon (Cartwright), George Bell (Clogmaker), John Smith (Flesher)."

The Broats, Annan - home of RobertT. Bell and family.

Below: Pictures of the Broats taken in 2006.

 Last updated: 8 May 2008