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This information is taken from "Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip" Billis & Kenyon 1974.  


Many of the leases below are now part of suburban Melbourne and Geelong.   


See map of some of the Geelong area leaseholds in Maps of Victoria.

Read more information about some of the properties.


Owner of Lease Biographical dates Family  information Pastoral  Leases, Port Phillip
Thomson, Alexander Dr. b. 1800 Aberdeen 
d. Jan 1886 Victoria
m.  Barbara Dalyrmple 
Mayor, Melbourne
MLC 1852-4

MLA 1856-61
1836 Kardinia, Barwon Falls
1836 Indented Head
1836 Bream or Thomson's Creek
1840-50 boiling down establishment
1843-7 E. of Station Peak/ Mowyong
1848 Avon or Molly Plains
1852-Nov 1855 with William Armstrong
Armstrong, John d.1857 Not known 1850 onwards Black Forest
1851-53 River Station
Sep1854-May1857 Allan vale or Sinclairs
with William Thomson 1847-8
Armstrong, Thomas b.Roxburgh 1818 m. Diana Bell, daughter of William Bell 1841 Beechwood with William Bell 1840-70 Gulf Station, No.2
Armstrong, William JP b. Scotland Not known Jan1838 onwards River Station
1838-Jan51 River Station with Dr. Alex Thompson
1841-50 Bream Creek
1847-50 Black Forest
Mar 1846-52 Avon and Molly Plais
1848-52 Werribee Plains
1852 Black Forest Run
Bell, William Not known Not known Apr 1848 Kadnook;  Mar1851 with Thos. Armstrong; 1840-44 Gulf Station No2 with Thos. Armstrong; 1870 Gulf Station No 2.
Bell, John b.1821 Dumfries        d.1876 Bell Park, Victoria m. Margaret Chirnside 1842-Nov50 Watch Hill / Pollock's Station, with John Calvert
1842 Irrewarra/Korangamite with John Calvert
1850-Aug 1854 Watch Hill / Pollock's Station
Jan-Sept 1853 Wirmbirchip
Jan1853-June1858 Lake Bolac
Aug 1854-Aug1864 Mt. Mercer , Warrambeen - lease cancelled 1864
?1863? Bell Park, Geelong
Bell, James b 1829 Dornock, Dumfries
d 1877 Victoria
m. Mary Singer Mar 1860 - Jun 1867 Golf Hill East
Messrs. Bell John, James, William? 1855-70 Gulf Station No 1
Calvert, John  b1811
m. Jane Murray  1849 1840-1 Leigh Creek
1840-45 Lake Colac
1842 Irrewarra / Korangamite with John Bell
1850-54 Dreeit / Corangamite
1850-62 Irrewarra
1854-1866 Watch Hill with John Bell
?1863? Morongo, Ballarat Road, Bell Post Hill
Sutherland, Joseph b1800 Laing, Sutherlandshire
Not known 1836 near Geelong  1836 Opposite Golf Hill 1844-50Moranding with Rob Sutherland (br)                                                           1842-3 Sutherland's Creek with D. MacKenzie
Sutherland, Robert d.1888 England Not known 1838 onwards  Murrable
1843-46 Rich Avon
1857-70 Konongwootong West with Joseph Sutherland
Murray, Andrew John b.1821 Edinburgh      
arr. Mar 1837            
d. 1889 Toorak
Not known 1836-37 Colac, St.Leonards (bet. Inverleigh and Barwon Park) with Hugh Murray
1838 onwards Wool Wool
1838-1867 Irrewillipe + others in Colac vicinity
Murray, Hugh J.P. b. Scotland           
arr. Sept 1837         
d. 1869
m. Elizabeth? Anne? Young 1841 1837 onwards Warrion, Sept. 1837 Barongarook Dec 1843 -  June 1868 Illimnyte                     Dec 1854 - May 1870 Gnoora Reef
Murray, William m. Isa Mary Carruthers? 1843-60 Darraweitguim, Wallan Wallan 
Howitson, John James/Lewis Howatson relation?  Howatson  1846-47 Western Port District 
Horton, William Peters Member of Horton family connected with Bells and Armstrongs? 1845-46 William Tell Hotel, Elizabeth St.  1842-46 Western Port District       
Russell, George Robert Carstairs Bell m. Margaret Hester Russell of Golf Hill     See Bells in Victoria Jan 1861 Golf Hill;  May 1862 Upper Leigh (Golf Hill)

Last Updated: 1 June 2008