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Bell Park, Geelong    Bell Park is a residential suburb between Geelong North and Bell Post Hill. It was named after the Bell Park homestead, on Ballarat Road, North Geelong, built by John Bell. Part of the homestead is preserved in the buildings at the Grace McKellar Centre for Rehabilitation and Extended Care.

The Bell Park residential settlement began in the 1950s, and many of the new settlers were European migrants, especially Croatians and Italians. Many built bungalows until they earned enough to build better houses. Bell Park was made a separate Catholic Parish with a school and church. A high school was built in 1959 and a technical school in 1968. They are now secondary colleges. There are also Greek Orthodox, Ukrainian (two), Russian Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox and Macedonian Orthodox churches.

Mack's Hotel which was situated close to the wharf, and mentioned in John Bell's newspaper obituary, is still operating in Geelong.

More information about present-day Bell Park

Bell Park, Geelong (courtesy of LaTrobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria) Bell Park, near Geelong-residence of Captain Bell(courtesy of LaTrobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria) Morongo, residence of John Calvert, esq., near Geelong. (courtesy of LaTrobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria)
Bell Park, Ballarat Road, Geelong
Home of John Bell
Bell Park, home of John Bell
Engraving by Samuel Calvert
Morongo, Bell Post Hill, Geelong
Home of John Calvert
Engraving by Samuel Calvert
Both pictures engraved by Samuel Calvert (1828-1913) in 1863.    It appears as if Bell Post Hill is the neighbouring property to Bell Park - look at the house on the horizon behind Bell Park.


Morongo, Bell Post Hill, Geelong

Molongo 1928 Presbyterian Girls College, Geelong (courtesy Latrobe Picture Collection, State Libray of Victoria)    Morongo View (Courtesy Latrobe Picture Collection, State Libray of Victoria)    Click on pictures for larger image. 

A lookout was set up in 1837 on what is now Bell Post Hill so that incoming ships could be seen spotted. Cargo from Van Dieman's Land was left at Point Henry as sandbars prevented large ships' entry into Geelong Bay. A bell was also set up on the hill to alert settlers in case of Aboriginal attack. 

Morongo Station was owned by John Calvert, a close acquaintance and of "Big John" Bell.

It became part of the Morongo Presbyterian Girls College in 1927. Supposedly, the bell once used as a warning, is the same one now used at Morongo Girls' College on the same site. 

"The Morongo Scholarship" which was previously offered to students enrolling at Morongo Girls' College, is now offered for students seeking entry to The Geelong College. There is also a scholarship offered for entry to Year 7 that incorporates scholarships including one called the John Bell Armstrong Scholarship. 

(John Bell Armstrong (b1874) was a son of Alexander and Betsy Armstrong, and a brother of Mary Ann, George and Jean Armstrong.  See Armstrong Family Tree)