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Appin, Essendon Ardshiel, Balwyn Killearnan, Toorak Old Killearnan, Brighton Burnswark, Toorak

Appin, Essendon.    Stewart Residence - Bessie Stewart mentioned "Appin" in letters to Annie Bell during WW1.   

Ardshiel, Balwyn.  The Stewart Residence. The picture at left comes from "SpringtimeArdshiel (from Springtime in Taranaki, D. Stewart) Taranaki" by Douglas Stewart.  The names "Appin" and "Ardshiel" come from the Appin area on the west coast of Scotland. See Stewart History



Killearnan, Torresdale Street, Toorak.  An Armstrong residence, possibly Betsy and Alexander Armstrong. Unsure if it is still there.


Old Killearnan, Brighton.   Old Killearnan - probably 1918-1919An Armstrong residence, possibly Betsy and Alexander Armstrong. The house had a large ornate fountain and large statuary. Annie Bell is sitting on fountain edge in picture at left.



Burnswark, 9 Canterbury Road, Toorak.  The Melbourne residence of MaryAnn and Lewis Bell does not exist today - higher residential living has taken over this busy road in Melbourne. 

        Jim Bell at Burnswark                                                                Annie and Violet Bell walking down Burnswark driveway - probably 1918-1919Click here for more information about these properties





Last Updated: 11 May 2012