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Warrambeen - on the Rokewood-Shelford RoadWarrambeen Homestead 1902 (older section at left) Click for a larger image

Warrambeen was one of the early land leases in the Portland Bay District, Geelong, with an estimated area of 26,301 acres. "Big John" Bell was one of the owners. Armstrong purchased land at Warrambeen from John Bell. The Alexander Armstrong family lived at Warrambeen.  Some Armstrong children are recorded as attending the state school in the village. After the school closed down, Alex. Armstrong in 1883 provided a hut on his property for a private school, paying the teacher 28 p.a. with lodging. It closed at the time of his death in 1893.

Dr. George Bell and (Margaretta) Jean Bell, children of Lewis Bell and MaryAnn Armstrong, were born at Warrambeen in 1882 and 1891, respectively.

More information on Warrambeen history.

Now, Warrambeen is a merino stud property owned by the Warrambeen Pastoral Ltd.

The Warrambeen Landcare Education Centre is housed in an old, bluestone shearers' quarters built during the 1850's.


Deer Park, (courtesy LaTrobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria)Deer Park, Mt. Derrimut

The area of Deer Park, west of Melbourne, is a light-industrial suburb of Melbourne. Deer Park is the home of  the Nobel (Australasia) Pty Ltd explosives and chemical factory, near Kororoit Creek

                                                                                                                        Lewis Bell at Mt. Derrimut

Picture top right: Deer Park, Mt. Derrimut

Picture right: Lewis Bell at Mt. Derrimut.  His daughter, Mary Calvert Bell was born at the property. 

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Burnside Estate - on the Western Highway

A young Lewis Bell in 1873 attended a meeting of the Grant and Polwarth Coursing Club at the Burnside Estate on the Leigh Road, with his uncle, James Bell. 

Bordering Deer Park on the Western Highway from Melbourne is the Burnside Estate, a large new housing development. View their website and map.

Other images of Deer Park, Mt. Derrimut